Paid Media
We've a MAP approach. We call it Media Accountable Partner. We believe in integrated media approach and keep the strategy that way. Our experienced team of media specialists and partner publisher networks helps you to achieve media effectiveness and better ROIs. Our team of seasoned professionals are Trained and equipped to control your media investments across RTB platforms of DMPs, DSPs and Search Engines - AdWords.

We believe that every digital initiative deserves engagement with the consumers. We don't like to measure our ideas basis the money it makes or award it gets. We judge it basis the consumer response it gets. We make the digital creative effective through consumer interaction, we can design a landing page or banners for you anytime of the day but we believe in creating conversations and our creative assets are just the means to get into consumers hearts.

We always try to redefine the way brands interact with today’s socially connected consumers. Our community managers partner the engagement planner to manage your interactions and deploy stimulus that generates response and not just posts. Our research analysts supplies consumer learning which develops actionable insights for the dynamic and socially active consumers. With the help of our panel of social media influencers from various specializations we help brands to amplify social media conversations and get a better ROC.

Our forward-thinking tools and platforms gets you solutions for better assessment and delivery of your Digital marketing initiative through our trading desk capabilities across partnered SSPs, DSPs and DMPs. Efficiency and precision are at the center and the front of our media services.

Our proprietary Cognitive Analytics platform helps you to assess your Digital Investments better. We partner brands to deliver Digital Effectiveness Score in Real Time through our proprietary enterprise platform We enable media partners with media trends from inbound and external data sets which helps planners and campaign managers to deploy effective media optimization.

When it comes to online marketing your website is the first impression that your potential customers have of your business. Hence the first impression of your website needs to be positive and impactful for your customer to select you over others. We at Digimile can make your website a valuable asset for you.With our customized web development and website designing services we help our clients gain better leads, increased sales, and enhanced visibility by ranking your business at the top in search engines pages.We being an innovative design studio ensure that your business functions smoothly and runs successfully online. We ensure that your business gains competitive edge over others in the market. Keeping in mind your business goals, we at Digimile develop and optimize your website in a way that suits your business need and gets you the desired results.